HTC Teases The “All New HTC One” In New Promo Video For BoomSound


HTC is proud of its smartphone speakers, especially on the HTC One – but it appears to be even more proud of the so-called ‘BoomSound’ (ugh) speakers on its upcoming flagship smartphone, which it pretty clearly seems to have named the “New HTC One” unless it’s trolling hard in this new video (via AndroidCentral).

The company is going to announce its new device at a special event in NYC on March 25, and basically spent its entire Mobile World Congress event earlier this week hyping that launch. There have been a lot of leaks around the device, codenamed the ‘M8,’ so at this point there’s very little left to the imagination.

It’s still conceivable that HTC is just using that name as a placeholder and the new flagship will be called the HTC One EXXXXTREEEMMEE or something but to me that sounds a lot like we’ll see it called the new One (not to be confused with the old One). Plus, we now know that it’ll have improved sound specs, if nothing else.

HTC managed to keep some mystery in the air by pixelating the actual new One hardware in the video, which is a clever little teaser, but pics have already leaked showing what seems to be an extremely similar design. In any case, we have less than a month to go before the official reveal, so all will be made plain in due time.