Tracks Rebrands As Kanvas, Recaps And Raises Another $1 Million In Seed Funding

Well, it’s official. The folks behind photo-sharing app Tracks have decided to put all their efforts behind their new app for social self-expression, Kanvas. In doing so, the team is rebranding as Kanvas Labs, and has raised another $1 million in seed funding to put behind the new company.

Kanvas is an app centered around creating a mobile-first network for creativity. That includes giving users the tools to create images that are overlaid with stickers and text, and then to share them with friends and followers on the networks, as well as other social destinations such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Six months after the company’s pivot, the new app is working well, with daily active users up 3x since the latest app update added a layer of gamification that rewards users for sharing on other networks. According to co-founder Vic Singh, the average user opens the app about 10 times a day.

Those users are mostly young — 65 percent are teenagers, Singh says — and mostly female (about 60 percent of users). And they are incentivized to share and collect coins which in turn they can use to unlock new stickers and other premium content. It has more than 150 different fonts, 300 stickers, 100 overlays, as well as different colors and paint brushes for use.

As the company has moved to put all its efforts behind Kanvas, they’ve raised a $1 million seed round funded by KEC Ventures, Scout Ventures, Dace Ventures, ARC Fund, Sierrra Maya Ventures, Social Starts, and angels such as Shawn Gruver and Frank Garland. The team is led by Eniac Ventures partner Vic Singh, Limewire founding CTO Greg Bildson and designer George Otsubo.