Android-Focused TestFairy Launches An Automatic Migration Service For Abandoned TestFlight Developers

Following Apple’s acquisition of TestFlight owner Burstly, and the subsequent shutdown of its Android support, competitor TestFairy is touting its new migration option for Android developers left in the cold. The company says it will allow those currently using the TestFight SDK to move to TestFairy, without making changes to their code.

“Yes, I know this sounds crazy,” says TestFairy CEO and co-founder Yair Bar-On. But he explains that his solution works without using an SDK already. Now, following the closure of TestFlight’s Android solution, the company has made it so that when apps using the TestFlight API are uploaded to TestFairy, it will automatically migrate them to its own API instead.

“All the logs, checkpoints, and crash reports that were supposed to be sent to TestFlight will be automatically sent to TestFairy without any code changes from the developer,” explains Bar-On. “All [developers] need to do is upload their APK to TestFairy and they are done,” he says.

To date, the company has seen over 3,000 developers join its platform since its public debut last spring, and now it’s clearly aiming for a land grab in the wake of the Apple deal.

Like TestFlight, TestFairy also lets developers invite testers to trial their unreleased creations via email, but it also goes several steps further, providing information and graphs about hardware details, including memory and CPU usage, network bandwidth consumption, battery performance and phone signal, among other things. That’s especially useful for Android developers who are building apps for a wider range of devices than their iOS counterparts.

TestFairy even lets developers view a video of exactly what the user was doing in the application at the time the error occurred, which is also useful to pinpoint problems.

Bar-On notes that his company recently launched a solution for enterprise, and has just introduced heatmaps for Android, too, among other visual comparison tools. Interested/newly abandoned developers can learn more about TestFairy here.