Qualcomm Cuts $100 Off Its Toq Smartwatch

Watch out below! Falling prices!

As the dust settles over Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm just announced a modest price drop for its Toq smartwatch from $350 to $250.

With the new Samsung Gear, the Pebble Steel, and the updated Sony SmartWatch, the Toq has stiff competition. It’s a fine device, although Darrell would argue otherwise. It’s comfortable to wear, has a nice screen, and works relatively well. Compared to the Pebble, it’s light years ahead in terms of possible functionality.

But the Toq is also more limited than others. It only works with Android devices and doesn’t have nearly the amount of developer support behind it than competitors. When the Toq was released, it was widely speculated that it would quickly fail on the consumer market. Qualcomm simply doesn’t have marketing or distribution power needed to make such a device successful.

Maybe a price drop will help move a few units. But probably not.