Monster Acquires Recruiting Startups TalentBin And Gozaik

Monster Worldwide announced today that it has acquired TalentBin and Gozaik, two startups offering tools for recruiting on social networks.

“The acquisition of TalentBin and Gozaik completes one key component of a larger strategy designed to help our business grow,” said Monster CEO Sal Iannuzzi in the acquisition release.

The company says that both deals closed during the first quarter of this year, and that it will be sharing more details at its investor briefing on May 14.

TalentBin describes itself as a “talent search engine” that aggregates data about potential job candidates from Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and elsewhere, while also giving tools to recruiters so they reach out to those candidates. It’s actually the latest version of a company that began as Honestly, a site where professionals could anonymously review their peers.

In its various forms, TalentBin raised $3.2 million in total funding from investors including SV Angel, FundersClub, First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, Foundation Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and Lightbank. (I should probably mention that co-founder Peter Kazanjy and I met more than a decade ago when we worked together at The Stanford Daily, and we’ve remained friendly.) (I should also mention that he declined to comment on today’s news, so friendship will only take you so far …)

There’s less information available online about Gozaik, especially since its website just points to the acquisition announcement. According to the release, the company allows employers to post targeted job ads on social networks.

The financial terms of the deals were not disclosed.