Ahead Of Stephen Elop’s Return, Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green Picks Up New Internal Role

Microsoft Executive Vice President Julie Larson-Green announced today in an internal memo that she is changing roles at the company (memo below).

Leaving her role leading Microsoft’s hardware efforts, Larson-Green will now lead the My Life & Work group inside of the Applications and Services Group, which is in turn run by Qi Lu. She will also pick up the title of CXO for the division as well.

Formerly part of the duo that oversaw Windows — along with Tami Reller — Larson-Green landed atop Microsoft’s nascent Devices and Studios group in the post-reorg landscape. When the Nokia deal was announced, her role become somewhat murky, given that Stephen Elop was to take the reins from her if the deal went through.

She would have reported to former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, though she retained — at least in the interim — her executive vice president title. In Microsoft, that’s one step below the CEO. Her new role will see her one rung down from her prior job running hardware, but since she would have reported to Elop when he made the hop, the role change isn’t a demotion.

Until the Nokia deal closes and Elop joins Microsoft — again — Larson-Green will continue to head hardware at the company.


Image by Flickr user Michael Dunn under a CC BY 2.0 license