Twitter Announces Its Marketing Platform Program, A Rebranding Of Its Ads API

Twitter announced its Ads API program a year ago today, allowing advertisers to run their campaigns through API partners like Adobe and Salesforce. Now it’s giving the program a new name — the Twitter Marketing Platform Program — as well as a new website.

Why the change? In a company blog post, Twitter says, “We expanded this network of partners beyond advertising alone, and today we’re pleased to introduce a new name for our entire suite of partners.” (It’s not totally downplaying the Ads API’s role on the program, though, as you can see in the badge to the left.)

The Marketing Platform Program is part of Twitter’s broader certified products initiative. Building this kind of partner ecosystem has been a big part of Facebook’s ad strategy, too.

As for the new website, it’s basically a showcase (or, as Twitter describes it, a “marketplace”) for the various partners. Twitter uses the announcement blog post, to highlight partners too, quoting both SocialCode and Kinetic Social — for example, SocialCode says it ran a Promoted Tweet campaign for “a national network sitcom” and increased retweets by 60 percent.