Steve Jobs Is Getting A Postage Stamp

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stampThere are few canvases harder to find yourself portrayed upon than the US postage stamp. Unless you’re a state bird, a beautiful wild flower, or a historic/cultural icon, it’s pretty unlikely that your mug will ever act as proof-of-payment on a piece of mail.

Joining the ranks in 2015: the late Steve Jobs.

According to a list of upcoming subjects obtained by The Washington Post, Steve Jobs is set to get a limited release stamp in 2015 alongside the likes of Johnny Carson, Elvis Presley, James Brown, and an as-of-yet unnamed group of Science Fiction writers.

The Steve Jobs stamp is listed as “In Design” — so there’s no image of what the actual stamp will look like just yet. The one pictured above is, of course, just a quick mockup.

Update: I’m intentionally leaving this post sans commentary. Except for this: