HelloFlo, The Subscription Service That Simplifies Your Period, Offers A B2B Option

News has leaked (not really, I just wanted to say “leaked”) that tampon delivery service HelloFlo is going B2B.

As it stands now, HelloFlo offers customers an opportunity to choose what feminine hygiene products they want delivered and when, so that they never have to run to the drug store on the first day of a visit from Aunt Flo. Instead, everything they need for that fateful week each month is already waiting for them.

Now, HelloFlo is offering the same subscription system on a larger scale for corporate work environments who want to have a fully stocked women’s room.

“I’ve always appreciated the places that took care of the little as well as the big things,” said founder Naama Bloom. “I remember the first time I walked into the bathroom while visiting Google how impressed I was that they were fully stocked. It sets the tone that women are welcome.”

Bloom explained that HelloFlo customers were actually ordering their subscriptions to the office to make sure they never ran into an embarrassing situation in the workplace. The expansion into B2B only made logical sense.

This will not interfere with HelloFlo’s usual consumer-facing business, but will simply add another revenue stream.

For the B2B version of the subscription service, customers will receive a pre-set amount of feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads, or both), as well as pain relievers. HelloFlo even throws in a fabric basket so the period-friendly spread looks nice in the ladies’ room.

Here’s the pricing structure:

  • 1-5 female employees $30
  • 6-10 $35
  • 10-20 $40
  • 20-30 $50
  • greater than 30 – custom plan & price

Check it out here.