Clearpath Uses Thalmic’s Myo Armband To Pilot A Robot, Jaeger Control Surely Coming Next


The Thalmic Myo armband promises to let you control pretty much anything computerized with simple hand gestures, and the videos that Thalmic itself has shown display impressive potential. But this new video from Waterloo-based robotics company Clearpath gives a glimpse of what it can do in the hands of outside developers. Outside developers who build awesome robots.

The Clearpath Husky Unmanned Vehicle is the lucky robot in the video above – what it lacks in opposable thumbs it makes up for in grit and stoic charm. The Myo has been mapped to its controls to allow it to direct forward, reverse and left/right turn movement, as well as velocity and braking.

It’s only a small step from here to full control of massive piloted combat robots created to fend off dimensional invaders from the depths of the ocean. Myo might need to come up with a Jeager-specific API first though I guess.