The Next Samsung Galaxy S Takes Shape

Samsung has a new flagship smartphone coming soon, likely at Mobile World Congress next week, and new details are emerging about what the next smartphone from the Korean mobile giant will be packing. It’ll have a sharper, larger 5.2-inch display according to Bloomberg, better battery and camera, and possibly both eye- and fingerprint-scanning technology.

The fingerprint scanner report comes from Sammobile, a company-focused site that has a decent track record when it comes to Samsung hardware rumors. The site confirmed yesterday that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint sensor, which is able to register up to eight different fingerprints for use in performing different tasks, from unlocking the device to launching specific apps, as well as opening special personal folders and enabling a new Private Mode that unveils hidden files and apps. You swipe your finger across the home key, where the sensor is located, to use stored fingerprint functions, unlike on the iPhone 5s, where only holding your finger on the sensor is required.

As for the other features reported by Bloomberg, they include the standard sorts of improvements that Android OEMs include in their generational updates. The display is said to be 5.2 inches diagonally, which is 0.2 inches larger than the current Galaxy S4’s screen. It’s also said to be “sharper,” which presumably means it’ll get a higher resolution than the current 1080 x 1920 (which still amounts to a whopping 441 ppi).

Details of the improvements to camera and battery tech aren’t included in the Bloomberg report, but previous reports peg the rear camera at 16MP, and battery capacity rumors range from a fast-charging 2,900 mAh lithium ion battery to a more capacious 3,200 mAh.

We won’t have to wait long to find out who’s right: Samsung’s Unpacked5 event happens on February 24 at 8 PM CET, and we’ll be providing you live updates of what’s announced right here at TechCrunch¬†as they happens.