Introducing The TechCrunch France Weekly Newsletter

This newsletter is for you, French friends and people interested in French startups. Starting next Friday, we will send out a weekly newsletter with TechCrunch’s best posts of the week covering the French tech ecosystem. Let me tell you why France matters.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been ramping up our coverage of all things French. You may remember that we used to have a blog called TechCrunch France. In 2012, we decided to integrate TechCrunch France with and bring our French coverage to our international audience. Many interesting things are happening in France, but the world doesn’t know about it yet.

For example, the conflict between taxi drivers and urban transportation startups is still going strong. What’s happening in France could potentially happen in the U.S. in a few years. Uber and others are currently privatizing mass transportation, and French cab drivers are already up in arms. When only one or two urban transportation companies are going to dominate in the U.S., a major public outcry could happen there as well.

On the policy front, the French government just announced new forward-thinking rules for crowdfunding, and in particular equity crowdfunding. Get ready for AngelList-style syndicates in France — it could change many things when it comes to startup fundraising opportunities in the country.

All this happened in the last few days. And of course, many cool startups keep coming out of France. If you want to understand how tech in Europe will work in the coming years, France is a great proving ground.

Many readers have told me that they want a simple way to get all of our French coverage. This is exactly why we are doing a newsletter. But we won’t spam your inbox — an email per week works well for our busy readers. So why don’t you subscribe and give it a try?

(Photo credit: Jorge Royan under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license)