HTC’s Next-Generation Successor To The HTC One Gets Its Debut March 25

The HTC One was one of the best smartphones of 2013, according to just about anyone you could ask – the flagship Android device from the Taiwanese company bucked the trend of its major competitors using Google’s mobile OS by incorporating a sleek metal case into its device design. On March 25, we’ll see how HTC follows that act with its next flagship handset, according to new invites received by press (via Engadget).

The launch event will happen in New York and London, and it’s very likely that what we’ll see is the device that’s been making the rumor rounds with the codename “M8.” The M8 has enjoyed a large number of leaks so far, including an apparent photo that shows industrial design very much in keeping with the current look of the HTC One. That’s potentially a very good thing: The microperforated speaker grills and flat metal look of the HTC One are iconic, and insiders laud the ergonomics and quality of the device’s construction. However, other attempts to copy but modify that look (i.e. the HTC One Max phablet) have not been nearly as well received.

The M8 is said to stick pretty close to the original, however, and will hopefully avoid any cheapening effects. It’s going to be a little bit bigger with a ‘minimum’ 5-inch display, 1080p output, and a more powerful Snapdragon 800 processor than the one currently used. It’ll supposedly ship with Android KitKat 4.4 on board, and have a twin-sensor camera as its primary differentiating factor: Said camera would allow for refocusing of focal depth after a picture is taken, and improve other editing features including the deletion of certain objects form a photo entirely.

Originally, many thought we’d get a peek at the HTC One successor at MWC this month in Barcelona, but now it seems that won’t be the case. Still, not long to wait before we see what HTC has in store for its big bet for 2014.