Wants To Be The For Gamers, But It’s Going To Be Tough

You’ve heard of for profile pages. Well, there are plenty of gaming communities out there, but hopes to be the “ for gamers”. Obviously Playfire is a pretty big competitor but it would appear is trying to create a more open network that links to social more broadly.

The new privately funded gaming social platform launches in private beta today to give gamers and
games a one page online profile and centralized feed of updates.

Sean Fee, Co-Founder and CEO told me: “We’re creating a nice one page landing page for gamers and the ability for them to follow them on and get all their updates…not just the ones they post on our platform. So they get their twitter updates, facebook posts, YouTube videos and other streams.”

Features of include a page which can features social feeds and plans to incentivise players with early access to new games.

Fee says the company is currently in discussion with “a number of gaming companies and indie developers to create partnerships” that will give value to all platform members.

Unfortunately, is going to have a tough time of it cutting through the enormous amount of noise in the gaming world.

An other sites have got there first. GamesGrabr launched last year and past its funding target. It wants to be the Pinterest for games…

It’s not to say this strategy can’t succeed, but unfortunately big investors that can help a company scale are not very excited by “This For That” plays, as was spelt out recently by Union Square’s Fred Wilson.