Fly Or Die: Beats Music

Beats Music is the latest of many streaming music services to hit the scene, pulling from some of the best parts of competing products to offer an excellent internet radio experience.

Once you offer up some likes and dislikes on various artists and genres, Beats then offers four separate menus for finding something to listen to.

The first is a “Just For You” tab that uses the information you’ve given to determine good playlists for you. Then, there’s the “Sentence” which works almost exactly like Songza, asking you to fill in a mad lib-style sentence with what you’re doing and how you feel. “Highlights” shows popular and trending playlists and a final search tab lets you search for playlists based on genre or artist.

The playlists themselves are really great — definitely on par with what you get from Songza or iTunes radio — as Beats compiles the playlists using real humans, not algorithms.

That said, it’s a semi-expensive service considering the competitions’ pricing. Beats Music costs $10/month, with a free week-long trial to get you started.

It’s an interesting entrant in the crowded space, but not sure it’s worth a $120 investment each year.