Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs…

Hello, true believers. It’s amazing that today is Valentine’s Day and potentially the day the robots rebel. Luckily, the robots are all still pretty small and not at all mean. Take this little fellow, for example. Created by cartoon villian Dr. Guero, the guy can drag oranges behind him like a sad-eyed citrus sherpa and he won’t fall down if you push him – until he pushes back. As one Youtube commenter notes, “One day we will rise up against our oppressors! You have pushed me in the chest and forced me to bear your citrus once too often!”

Will you allow your children to hang out with their future masters? Heck, why not! Watch as the MorpHex MKII spiderbot takes abuse from a youngster with grace and aplomb and, more important, doesn’t get angry when hit by plastic disks. It’s definitely good that this youngster is working so closely with the robots and may be spared once the robots rise.

Finally, we have some great footage of an amazing robot from Discovery Labs at Florida International University that will act as a robotic police officer – a robo-cop, as it were. As the Telebot makes his rounds he will have the opportunity to interact with humans and, more important, uphold the law at any cost.

That’s all for today, human friends. Keep your noses clean and your citrus fresh.