HTC Confirms That Windows Phone 8.1 Exists, Shocking Precisely No One

In a Reddit AMA session today, HTC employees confirmed that the company’s 8X Windows Phone handset¬†will receive future firmware updates. This indicates that the company is working with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 8.1 to the device. Windows Phone 8.1, also known as Windows Phone Blue, is a upcoming set of updates to the Windows Phone platform expected to land in April.

The as-yet unannounced¬†Windows Phone 8.1 has been bouncing around the news lately. Not that Microsoft likely minds too much. Having the media pick over what is coming next for Windows Phone helps keep the enthusiasts enthused, and earns the platform coverage that it can repeat when the features are ‘officially’ released. Less of a bang at the end, but if you need to stay relevant, well, it’s an option.

Here’s HTC confirming that Blue is coming, and that they are working with Microsoft to deliver it to 8X customers:

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 3.30.02 PM

So, that’s happening. Microsoft declined to comment.

Before I let you go for the weekend, keep the lower branches of that statement in mind. We know that a number of OEMs are either considering, or perhaps even now working on, getting into the Windows Phone game. Could HTC jump back in? I had an 8X for a while and can say that it was a fine piece of hardware. Windows Phone as a platform could use more like it. And HTC left the door plenty open in its statement on Reddit.

Something to think about.