TC Cribs: Zoosk, Where A Tunnel Of Love Leads To Coders, Cupcakes, And Puppies

It’s just about Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air, even here among the workaholics in the tech industry. So for this episode of Cribs we headed over to the San Francisco headquarters of Zoosk, the startup that started out as a dating-focused Facebook app and has grown into a full on matchmaking service.

Zoosk’s office has a nice mix of business and pleasure: Engineers plug away at code just a few feet from a spirited game of ping-pong, and data scientists furrow their brows and crunch numbers alongside people playing fetch with a newly adopted puppy.

And as you’ll see at the very end of the video embedded above, during my visit Zoosk definitely fulfilled its promise of helping people find true love.