Media Storage Startup Streamnation Now Hooks Into Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, And Others

Media storage startup Streamnation was founded with the idea of making it easy for users to store, view, and share content from the cloud. And now, the startup is making it easier for users to get their content onto its service by connecting with a wide range of other social networks and cloud storage services.

Today, Streamnation is launching a new, unified media stream that will bring together all of your photos and videos stored on services like Instagram, Facebook, iPhoto, Google Drive, Google+, Flickr, Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, Dropbox and OneDrive. By simply entering in your login service for each one, you can seamlessly have that content added to your Streamnation account.

Once that’s done, users will now be able to back up all of their media, regardless of where they choose to initially share it. And they will also be able to have their media automatically pulled into their Streamnation account from those other services once uploaded. Media is then viewable through the Streamnation website, as well as through apps for Windows, Mac OSX, iPad and iPhone.

In addition to hooking into other services, Streamnation has added a new, “timeline” view of all your photos and videos, making it easier to keep track of what you’ve taken photos of or shared at a particular time or event.

While providing users with easy ways to access and share their media, Streamnation is also aiming to be the cheapest cloud storage service out there. New users get up to 20 GB of storage free. They can pay for additional storage, starting at $4 a month for 100 GB and going up to $19 a month for unlimited storage.