Google Updates Its Enterprise Search Appliance With More Flexible Search Options

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is a rack-based server for enterprises that allows them to bring Google’s search technology in-house. Today, Google is launching a software update to GSA (version 7.2) that allows companies to more easily manage how unstructured content is indexed and gives users access to new search features, including wildcard queries. This new version also gives enterprises an improved framework for connecting the GSA to other data sources. In addition, the GSA is getting an improved admin console and support for more languages.

Enterprise users will likely first notice the new search features, which now allow them to search for something like “part number 37*” when they are not sure what the exact part number actually is.

Maybe more importantly, though, the GSA now features an improved framework for pulling in information from other data sources and indexing it. This system, Google says, is now more flexible, so developers can create and improve custom connectors more easily. Google says this is meant to help the GSA “become a truly universal information hub.”

In the last update (version 7.0), Google introduced the ability to automatically recognize entities like data, author and product type in unstructured content. This makes it easier to search for documents that have poor or missing metadata attached to them. With today’s update, Google is improving this capability by giving enterprises the ability to test and tweak how exactly the GSA extracts these entities.