Launches To Bring Calendaring Into Your Email Inbox

You know how you spend multiple emails trying to set up a meeting time, and a meeting place, and once it’s all done you then have to leave your email and head into your calendar and add an entry and it’s a big first-world problem?

Well, now you don’t have to, thanks to the beauty of

The product adds an automated way for busy people to add events to their calendars without having to bounce through different browser tabs, or opening up a mobile app and entering things in manually. Because, I mean, who’s got time for that?

To do so, you simply sign up for the service. And then, once you’ve connected it to your calendar, you can forward whatever email exchange you have to, and the service will automatically add it to your plans.

On the back end, has algorithms that are designed to parse emails and determine exactly what needs to be put in your calendar. Date and time, of course, and who you’ll be talking to. It can also send invites to other participants based on the info provided.

While a lot of the work is done with technology, also has a QA team that is there to monitor and correct errors before calendar invites end up being sent out to others.

The whole thing was built by Michael Galpert, who was previously one of the founders of Aviary and decided to take a shot at improving personal productivity a few years ago. The whole thing grew out of his plans to build, which was designed to create a sort of virtualized personal assistant, for a monthly subscription.

The problem with that was that not everyone was comfortable with the whole idea of having an assistant. At least they didn’t know what to do with it. Instead, making calendaring easier seemed like a better way to attack the problem.

For now, is free, and in my experience, really useful. In the future, Galpert says he will consider potential paid features for users who need more power features.