Google Brings Its Apps Admin App To iOS

About a year ago, Google launched an Android app that allows Google Apps administrators to manage their users and services right from their Android phones and tablets. Today, it is bringing this app to iOS, too.

Google Admin for iOS offers the same kind of features as the Android app, which means you’ll be able to create and manage users, reset passwords, edit profiles and suspend users right from your iPhone and iPad. The tool also allows you to manage groups and review account activities. In addition, Google Apps for Business admins can use the app to contact Google support.

Just like with the Android app, admins have to ensure that they have API access enabled. As far as I can tell, there aren’t any major differences between the iOS and Android app. Still, not every Google Apps admin is on Android, so it’s good to see that Google has finally brought this app to iOS, too.

The Google Apps admin console still offers a few more features than the mobile app, though. It doesn’t look like you can manage devices from the app, for example, and you can’t manage your Google Apps subscription from the app, either.

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