Facebook Now Lets You Edit Your “Look Back” Movie

Earlier this week, we learned that Facebook would soon let you edit the automatically-generated “Look Back” videos the company had made to celebrate Facebook’s 10th anniversary.

Sure enough: they just launched the editor.

Almost immediately after launch, many users were complaining about the photos that Facebook auto-selected. Some had too many photos of their exes. Some had sad photos that they’d rather not remember as a milestone. One of my friends’ Look Backs prominently featured a picture of a rock, sans explanation or commentary.

A quick visit to the Facebook Lookback page now shows a shiny new edit button.

The editor might not be quite as feature-rich as some might have hoped; you can’t choose ANY Facebook photo to replace those that you don’t like — you can just select from a wider array of pre-picked photos/status updates.

How To Edit Your Look Back:

  • Go to the Facebook Lookback page
  • Hit the edit button
  • Pick your new photos/posts from the pre-populated selections
  • Hit the “Update” button at the top of the page
  • Wait a few minutes for Facebook to generate your new video.

It’s unclear if the edit feature has been launched to all users, or if it’s being rolled out over time. We’ve checked on around a dozen accounts now, however, and each one had the new button.

[Huge thanks to Draconius Grey, Michael K., Akshat M., and many other people who tipped us this morning about this! ]