Dyson DC59 Review: A Portable Powerhouse To Help You Ditch Corded Vacuums Entirely

People who haven’t used a Dyson often believe their reputation to be hype. How, after all, could one device designed for sucking up dirt so far exceed any other machine designed for the same task? There’s no operating system, no laundry list of features, no app market to consider, and so on. But while vacuums are simple in function, Dyson’s sophistication behind the scenes makes its machines somewhat magical, and the new DC59 (or DC62 in Canada, which explains the badging in the photos) Animal Digital Slim vacuum may just be the most magical of all.


  • 26-minute battery
  • 6-minute boost mode
  • Comes with 4 vacuum heads
  • 4.6 lbs
  • 0.12 gallon bin capacity
  • MSRP: $499.99
  • Product info page


  • Thrice the sucking power of any other handheld vacuum
  • 6 more minutes running time than its predecessor
  • 50% more power than DC44 in boost mode


  • Boost mode taxes battery quick
  • Trigger-based operation will annoy some


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Regardless of their utility as cleaning devices, Dyson’s line of vacuums are icons of good design. For James Dyson, the company’s founder and CEO, the word “design” encapsulates not only looks, but also engineering and technical aspects of the product. It’s a holistic approach to product creation, and one that resonates with the Apple vision for how devices should be built.

Dyson is often likened to Apple, and the comparison shows true when looking at the DC59’s ID. The vacuum carries on the tradition of Dyson’s handheld line, but adds a sharper angle to the handle, shifts the filter location and modifies the ‘crown’ of cyclones that feed through to the new Dyson digital motor V6. The result is a cleaner look, but also one that emphasizes the increased power in this new generation of vacuum engine.

The purple tube design is a continuation of the trend begun with the DC44, which features a blue shaft, and could be seen as an odd choice for the more staid vacuum shoppers in the crowd, but the overall design is one of the most harmonious in Dyson’s line, and the DC59 is easily the best-looking cordless vacuum available overall in my book.


Having previously owned a Dyson DC35 as my main vacuum, I’m not unaccustomed to Dyson cordless models. That was a stalwart machine, and served my two-bedroom condo well, but it had a 15-minute max operation time and was actually heavier than the DC59, plus it lacked the pet-friendly main floor vacuum head and upholstery attachment.

The DC59 has a lot more power, and you can tell instantly that it’s a more effective upright floor vacuum replacement than any of its predecessors. The problem with the Dyson cordless line has always been that it has likely just enough power to get you through a standard cleaning of your space-constrained place before giving out, but not enough to either be really thorough or complete additional tasks like dusting (using the included dusting head).


26 minutes is a big step up, and provides nearly double the life of that generation. It’s plenty to cover my new place, which has two floors, including carpet, hardwood and tile, and there’s still a bit of juice left over for dusting duties. The weight loss over previous models really helps, too, in terms of making sure your arm doesn’t feel fatigued even if you’re reaching up to do the drapes or get that cobweb out of the corner.

Finally, it seems like the trigger and handle have been redesigned to make operation easier, too. The trigger seems more sensitive, meaning it’s harder to accidentally turn off the vacuum mid-use, and the angled handle design is easier on the wrist and hand.

In use, Dyson’s DC59 lasted about as long as advertised, give or take a few minutes, but it felt luxuriously long compared to previous models. It handled everything I could throw at it, including cleaning out my hard-to-clean burr grinder with the included crevice tool. Charging time is about three and a half hours, which isn’t ideal if you’re just about finished cleaning and want to get it done, but at least it’s not something you have to leave overnight.

Bottom Line

If you vacuum, you will enjoy the DC59. Notice I didn’t say if you enjoy vacuuming, you’ll enjoy the DC59: It’s actually so good at what it does that it makes an otherwise arduous task enjoyable, and that’s the real key to Dyson’s advantage over its competitors. The DC59 improves on its cordless line in every way that counts, offering more power, longer run time, and better ergonomics. It’s expensive, but if you’ve got the cash, at no time will you feel like you overpaid when it comes to this vacuum.