Oculus Will Co-Publish EVE: Valkyrie, The VR Spin-Off Game From The Popular Space Sim

Oculus isn’t just supporting CCP Games from a distance in its creation of EVE: Valkyrie – the maker of the Oculus Rift VR gaming headset announced today that it will co-publish the game with CCP, making it an exclusive launch title when the Rift launches to consumers later this year.

Valkyrie originally debuted under the codename EVE-VR, and features space fighter gameplay with an in-cockpit viewpoint. Oculus has used Valkyrie as a showcase piece of software for its virtual reality gaming headset, both at E3 last year and again at CES in January, where it was used to demo the new, more user-friendly ‘Crystal Cove’ production prototype Rift hardware.

Getting in bed with CCP as a co-publisher guarantees Eve: Valkyrie prime placement for the Rift’s eventual consumer launch, but it also means that Oculus will have the equivalent of a top-flight ‘console exclusive’, so to speak, complete with established brand recognition. The EVE Online MMO still entertains a massive audience, even a decade after its launch, as evidenced by the scope of a recent in-game space battle.