GoSquared Adds E-Commerce Analytics To Help Smaller Online Stores Take The Data-Driven Fight To Amazon

GoSquared, the feisty UK startup that competes with Chartbeat, Google Analytics and other companies in the real-time analytics space, is rolling out a new e-commerce offering today. Aiming to help small and medium-sized online stores level the playing field slightly against e-commerce giants such as Amazon, GoSquared E-commerce Analytics adds a new dashboard providing real-time access to the key metrics e-commerce site owners need, and in turn help them improve their data-driven decision-making.

Thus, with easy access to e-commerce analytics, online stores are able to answer important questions such as: How is revenue performing compared to past trends? Should the featured products be refreshed on the homepage? What are the top converting channels? Which products are top performers? And so on.

Better data makes for better decisions. Or so the thinking goes. And it’s here that tech giants such as Amazon have traditionally had a data-driven advantage over smaller web shops. GoSquared’s solution is designed to change that, in part, by employing the same degree of ease-of-use and simplicity that the startup’s main offering provides.

“All of the e-commerce analytics tools on the market are extremely complex to set up and the reports they generate are hard to understand and slow to process,” says GoSquared co-founder James Gill.

“After speaking with a lot of our existing e-commerce customers, they were begging for smarter, faster and easier reporting tools. So we thought it was a perfect opportunity to combine the real-time analytics technologies we’ve been evolving for years, with the intuitive GoSquared dashboard interface, providing the key metrics e-commerce site managers need.”

GoSquared says it’s already been seeing a growing number of e-commerce sites come onboard — name-checking Moonpig, hungryhouse, Feelunique, to name but a few — and that a common complaint of existing e-commerce analytics tools is that they are overly-complex, making it difficult to get “accurate and actionable data.”

“That was when we realised we could make a big difference and bring enterprise level tech to everyone else,” says Gill.

To that end, GoSquared E-commerce Analytics integrates with Shopify for easy installation by the e-commerce platform’s 80,000 online stores.

No one can really explain to me what big data actually is.

Part of that mission to bring “enterprise level tech” to the rest of us, is to avoid using fatuous buzzwords, says Gill. In particular, he is sceptical of the term “big data.”

“No one needs more buzzwords, and no one can really explain to me what big data actually is,” he says. “While I have a suspicion a lot of the stuff we’re doing behind the scenes at GoSquared involves big data, we don’t want to bother our customers with it.”

Instead, what GoSquared’s customers need is information telling them what to do to make their customers happier and, ultimately, increase conversion rates.

“We’re trying to provide the key metrics e-commerce store owners need and make them available in the simplest way possible. And the point of doing that is so they can check up on information instantly and make decisions with more confidence.”