Bloop It Takes Cutting And Curating YouTube Videos To Mobile

When you’re at work, sitting in front of a computer screen, there’s really nothing better than the moment a friend sends you a YouTube video. For a few minutes, life is good again. Charlie’s biting fingers again. Double rainbows still exist. Harlem shakers are shaking.

But on a smartphone, when you’re on the go and perhaps on a less powerful network, the YouTube experience isn’t always so seamless. That’s why Bloop It has launched in the App Store.

Banking on growing interest in mobile video sharing and creation, Bloop It wants to tailor the YouTube video sharing experience for mobile devices, starting with the length of the video.

Rather than sharing full-length videos, Bloop It lets you cut your favorite twenty-second clip from videos to send to friends and followers.

When you first download the app, you have the option to sign in with Facebook or create a username. Then, you’re thrown directly into the main feed of public bloops. Once you’ve followed a few people, you have access to your own curated feed. There’s also a Newest tab, for recently posted bloops.

To create a Bloop, you simply search YouTube from within the app and designate the start and end time of the clip.

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To make money, Bloop It will eventually open up a sponsored bloops section, letting record labels and sports teams promote various bloops. But for now, the company has an affiliate program with Apple allowing users to “Buy It Now” from the iTunes store when they watch a clip from a movie or TV show.

The design and flow of the app could use a few improvements, but the core idea is strong. While Vine and Instagram have the mobile video creation space tackled, a quick and easy way to share our YouTube gems hasn’t conquered the market yet.

Perhaps Bloop It will be the app to do it.

Download the Bloop It app here.