Required Reading: The Economist’s Special Report On Tech Startups

It’s not every day we here at TechCrunch just point to someone else’s work and say, “Here, you should go read this.” But today’s an exception, because The Economist has put together a 16-page Special Report on the rise of technology startups around the world.

The report, which is written for the magazine’s general news audience, could serve as a sort of “State of the Union” for the industry. That means a lot of what’s reported there won’t really be news to those of you who are deeply involved in the startup world.

There are no big surprises or gotcha moments, for instance, in its various stories on the boom in accelerators, the move by hardware startups and suppliers to embrace Shenzhen, or the growth of tech ecosystems in communities around the world.

But where The Economist’s report could be useful is in helping those of us who follow this world every day to see the forest for the trees. In so doing, it we could possibly better understand the broader global impact that the spread of technology is having, how we’ve gotten here, and what the big trends are driving us forward. What it really means when software eats the world, as it were.

And hey, maybe you don’t know much about how Rocket Internet operates, why platforms have become so important, or the negative psychological effects that entrepreneurship has on some founders. If any of that is of interest, it’s in there, too.

Anyway, I highly recommend you download the full PDF, save it for a quiet moment when you have some spare time, and read it in its entirety. Because every now and then it’s good to take a big step back, re-learn the things you think you already know, and maybe see the tech world from another person’s point of view.