Now The Rich Can 3D Print Their Own Cup Holders For The Tesla Model S

As you whiz down the highway from LA to Las Vegas in your Tesla Model S, your Bluetooth humming, your Google Glass flashing messages from VCs trying to get into your next round, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach down and grab a refreshing cup of ice-cold Kombucha? Well now you can 3D print your very own custom center console designed to hold your fermented teas, fair trade lip balms, or any number of other tchotchkes, bootstrap-style!

Sure Tesla is about to release a premium center console with fancy Corinthian leather cup Snugglerz™ and his and hers matching USB 3.0 ports, but what about now? What can you do now that will improve your ability to hold a fresh-squeezed Vegan Blackberry Juice and Farm-Raised Civet Coffee Coolata from the Creamery? A 3D-printed center console cup holder, ya big lug!

You can have your assistant download and print this sexy little Model S center console rig for you right now so he can assemble it and place it into your car, allowing for an amazing range of potential pluses for you and your friends as you scoot across town in your futuristic transport. You can keep all sorts of drinks in there, but don’t go crazy with the phablets. iPhones only, please.

The drinkholders were tested with Diet Coke, various water bottles, a Tesla coffee mug, and an Amstel (!) Bigger drinks may not work. The phone holder was tested with an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. Bigger phones may not work.

So there you have it: improving the human condition one center console at a time. It’s almost enough to make you want to Selfie a smile.

via 3Ders

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the Tesla Model S did not come equipped with front drinkholders. This has been corrected.