This Is Satya Nadella’s Twitter Account

After five months of Microsoft CEO purgatory, we’re finally reaching a climax: It’s most likely going to be Microsoft enterprise head Satya Nadella, though everyone except Larry Page wants it to be Google’s Sundar Pichai (kidding).

While we don’t know for sure whether Nadella will be the future CEO of Microsoft, we do know that @satyanadella is his long abandoned Twitter account.

With exclamation-heavy quips about tech like “Bing on Yahoo!,” “HTML5 – what fun!” and “playing with my new msn hp!,” Nadella’s account reminds us of a simpler 2010 Twitter, one where mindlessly broadcasting your whereabouts — Loopting your visit to the Garlic Crush — was perfectly acceptable.

The activity dates from around the time Nadella was negotiating the first Twitter search deal with Microsoft (10/21/09 was its launch). It’s like some sort of Twitter time capsule, complete with egg avatar.

If Nadella does get the job, he’ll have a whole new world of rapt followers for his first 2014 tweet. #HasSatyaNadellalandedyet?