Five Months After Launch, iOS 7 Has Been Installed On 80% Of Compatible Devices

With one of Androids’ few shortcomings being the uncertainty that any given device might get the next big update, Apple just loves to mention their iOS update numbers.

During their earnings call this morning, the company shined a bit of light on just how many devices have been updated to iOS 7 at this point. The grand total? 80%.

Of course, that’s 80% of compatible devices, not all iOS devices ever. So that’d be 80% of the iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and 4, as well as the 4th/3rd gen iPads, iPad 2, and iPad Mini.

For comparison’s sake (though the comparison is a bit apples-to-oranges): the latest version of Android (4.4, otherwise known as KitKat), is on 1.4% of Android devices used between January 2nd and January 8th. The second latest major build, Jelly Bean, is on about 59.1% of Android devices.

Apple Q1 2014