AdColony Says Its Mobile Video Ads Have Reached A $100M Revenue Run Rate

AdColony says its mobile video ad platform has reached a $100 million gross revenue run rate.

That’s a number ad-tech startups seem to enjoy bragging about — RadiumOne, AdRoll, and TellApart all made similar announcements over the past few months.

In AdColony’s case, the company also says that its 2013 revenue was quadruple its revenue from 2012, and that the fourth quarter of last year was its tenth consecutive quarter of growth. eCPMs (the price advertisers pay for a thousand impressions) are up 30 percent and overall publisher earnings are up 418 percent.

(And just to be clear, that $100 million run rate refers to gross revenue — after publishers and partners take their cut, net revenue is likely to be significantly less.)

In my past meetings with the AdColony team, the company has emphasized its technology for delivering high-quality video ads, with no delays or choppiness. Those ads include “cards” at the end with customized calls to action, such as “click to buy” buttons or requests to Like the advertiser on Facebook. AdColony says its network reaches more than 150 million unique users globally, with publishers including A&E, ABC News, Flixster, and Supercell.

I spoke to CEO Will Kassoy about AdColony’s growth and he pointed to a few of big trends that the company is focused on. First, he said there’s growing interest in synchronizing TV and mobile ads, both by using data showing the overlap between the two audiences and through co-viewing/social TV apps. Second, he said that attribution is becoming more important to brand advertisers, so AdColony is offering data to help them “take advantage of all the streams in media.” Finally, he said AdColony is helping social app developers introduce video ads to their news feeds.