Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” Gets A Movie Deal

In an era where movie creators simply copy books for lack of original ideas, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In has been picked up for a movie deal.

According to the WSJ, Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that it has acquired the film rights to Ms. Sandberg’s book, which was published last year.

Sandberg’s book, which she penned to help women reach their full potential in today’s workplace, outlines all the reasons why females infrequently ascend to the top of the business world, and gives anecdotes and analysis to solve these underlying problems.

Oddly, Lean In has almost no narrative structure whatsoever, and rather offers analysis and advice. How that will turn into a riveting movie is beyond me.

This isn’t Sony’s first go-around with Facebook-themed content. The studio was responsible for 2010’s “The Social Network” which was a box office hit. That, like Lean In: The Movie, was based on a book, “The Accidental Billionaires.”

It is unclear how closely Sandberg will be working with the filmmakers on the script, but her co-writer Nell Scovell is already hard at work on a first draft of the script.

Though I’m not expecting to laugh and cry at the premiere of Lean In, there is a bit of good news out there for movie lovers in the tech space. If Lean In can be turned into a movie, there’s a really great chance that Bilton’s book, Hatching Twitter — about the origins of the shortwinded social network — will also find its way to the big screen.

Who do you think will play Jack Dorsey?