Selling The Wooden Horse In The Age Of The iPad

Is there a more timeless toy than a wooden horse? I dare say there isn’t. N-Gages and iPads will come and go, but the wooden horse is forever.

A pair of brothers have turned to Kickstarter to bring their wooden horse to the masses. Made out of maple and meticulously finished, this toy seems like it will last generations. Don’t expect your kids to hand their LeapFrog down to their offspring.

At this point Kickstarter has begun to transcend funding art projects and iPhone accessories. It’s much more than that now. Kickstarter is quickly becoming ingrained in the creative process. Thanks to Kickstarter, The Smith Tapes was nominated for a Grammy, Music From Brooklyn Babylon was nominated for a Grammy and The Square was nominated for an Oscar. And two brothers from New York are finding a way to fund a wooden horse.

The small company is looking for $35,000 to fund their project. As of this post’s publication, they’re just north of $15,000. The money will be used to place bulk orders, allowing CNC machines to carve out the pieces en masse. Right now, each piece, and there are 30 of them, are cut by hand.

Pledge $16 and they’ll provide you with the 3D CAD files so you can print your own. $45 or more nets you a wooden horse.

Why is this on TechCrunch? As a father to two kids addicted to technology, I’ve watched apps and devices flow through their hands at an incredible pace. Only our trusty iPad 2 has had any lasting effect. But these kids, raised on Android, iOS and the Boxee Box, are mysteriously drawn to mechanical toys such as this horse. In our ever-connected world, there will always be a place for wooden toys. That makes me smile.