Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs

What’s a little biomimetics between friends? Today’s edition of TIDWRTWHUFOO we present a few exciting projects from MIT’s Biomimetics Lab where they’re copying animal motion in order to create more efficient robotic hunter/killers.

First up we have a charming cheetah that runs 2.3 meters per second and looks like a skeletonized cat that is looking to scrounge up a little skin for itself. Perhaps your skin?

Below we see a hopping, squirming lizard leg that can swim through water and, presumably, take to land for a bit of fun with you and the kids. These robots use high torque-density motors as well as a bio-like bone structures to copy what real animals do on their days off.

Finally there’s there’s this rollerskating robot. If I were still in a Roller Derby team (Go Rebel Scumz!) I’d maybe be afraid of this guy but really? Who’s afraid of a skating robot? Nobody, that’s who. Stay warm, humans, because the robots will be able to withstand cold that will freeze our bones!