Path Comes To Windows Phone In Open Beta, Dozens Rejoice

Selective social network Path has finally opened the floodgates on Windows Phone with a public beta launch – though somehow I doubt this will result in a mass uptick in the respective user numbers of either. Path recently raised some funding, but it also had layoffs last year and even founder Dave Morin isn’t denying a general engagement drop-off noticed by many members.

Windows Phone is faring better, growing its share slightly in recent studies measuring smartphone platform performance. It’s looking more and more like Windows Phone will easily grab a definitive third in the world market, and perhaps even eventually take over the number two spot.

As of right now, however, it’s not likely that its position will afford Path much additional reach or many new users. But for those already on the social network who have since switched to a Windows Phone device (all 12 of you), it’s a welcome development, and the design actually manages to feel at home on Windows Phone without ditching Path’s unique style.

Path had previously released their Windows Phone client in closed beta back in December, but you still had to have an approved email account from their beta list to use it. Now anyone with a Path account created on either Android or iOS can join in and new users can register directly from the app as well.