Dyson’s Latest Vacuums Ditch Not Only The Bag But Also The Filter Maintenance

I hate vacuuming but I actually like using my Dyson, and the UK company has a few new models it’s unveiling today. For the U.S. market, there’s the DC59, which is a handheld cordless stick vac that bumps up the suction, and for the UK, there are new Cinetic models of three of its canister vacuums that do away with the sole remaining piece of maintenance required by Dyson hardware: the occasional filter cleaning.

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The DC59 is the latest in Dyson’s Digital Slim line, with a cordless design that provides up to 26 minutes of use on a single charge. It improves over the previous DC cordless vacuums with suction power that’s up to three times as powerful as any other one currently available on the U.S. market, the company tells me. Mothballs have met their match, in other words.

That one’s impressive, but the real trick here comes from the brand new Cinetic line, which is launching in the UK now but will make its way to other global Dyson retailers in due time. The Cinetic offers up the same ball-based design you’re probably familiar with from its existing line of motorhead, turbinehead and multifloor vacuums, as well as bagless operation, but also introduces a solution to the last annoyance associated with using Dyson cleaners: you no longer have to clean wash and dry, or even ever replace the filter in these bad boys.

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It essentially means the new Dyson vacuums are maintenance free, unless you accidentally vacuum up a huge hunk of cheese or something and you gunk up the tube. Dyson even claims that it can operate with the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of accumulated dust, without any kind of filter cleaning at all, without any loss of suction at all.

Of course, Dyson charges a premium for its swanky designs and newfangled technology: the Cinetic line starts at £419 and ranges up to £469 (roughly $685 to $766) and is on sale this month in the UK, and the DC59 starts at $499 when it goes on sale January 19 in the US. If you’re a weird design snob like me, however, you’ll pay the extra and you’ll like it, especially since you can just use the thing to clean, and not really have to worry about cleaning the thing that cleans the other things.