Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference Sells Out In A Day

Today Microsoft announced that its Build developer conference taking place in San Francisco this April sold out. Surprised parties: None.

It’s becoming cliché to see large platform companies (Apple, Microsoft, Google) hold developer events in this city that quickly run out of seats. The question that now remains is whether Microsoft will, like last year, release a later tranche of tickets.

The company is currently allowing interested parties to add their names to a waiting list. Given that, I doubt that the company will make any more tickets available to the general public.

Don’t read too much into the sell out. Microsoft sold out Build last year as well, and the company has still struggled to attract developer attention at the pace that it wants, and needs. You could say the fact that Microsoft managed to again bust through its ticket stack at north of 2,000 a head a few years in a row indicates it retains a dedicated developer base, but we already knew that via the flow of new apps being built for Windows and Windows Phone.

For Microsoft, Build should bring new firmware for both Windows and Windows Phone, and current rumor indicates that Windows 9 could make an appearance in one form or another. TechCrunch will, of course, be in attendance.