Days Asynchronous Photo Diary Launches Version 2.0 With Easier Discovery And Sign-Up

A little over six months ago, TechStars-backed Wander launched a photo-sharing app called Days, which asked you to think of photo-sharing in a totally different light. Instead of sharing a single photo in real-time, Days compiled a number of photos (none of which were edited or filtered or beautified) into one photo-package, meant to be shared the next day.

Today, Days v2 arrives with a number of new features and design changes to make the asynchronous photo-sharing service even better.

When Days originally launched in May, founder Jeremy Fisher wanted the experience to be more immersive than an Instagram-style sharing app.

Instead of doctoring up a single photo that ends up in a long stream of random moments from random people, Days was meant to give users a window into the real everyday lives of their friends and family.

Turns out, Days isn’t just about sharing with the ones you love, as users are growing increasingly interested in seeing the Days of total strangers. That said, Days v2 adds a Discover tab that helps you find people outside your usual social graph, along with hashtag search and clickable @mentions.

Days also now has a view count, letting users see how many of their followers have interacted with their content.

But what about people who have yet to download Days? According to Fisher, the onboarding process was a real deterrent to people who wanted to use the app the moment they heard about it. Because of this, Days has revamped the on-boarding process to allow for optional signup.

The update also brings an important change to Days’ Gif feature. Originally, Days strung together photos that were taken within ten seconds of each other to create a cute little gif. Now, users can remove individual frames from GIFs, just in case there happens to be one bad photo in a string of awesome ones.

Fisher is keeping mum about active users currently on the platform.

Days Version 2 is available now in the App Store for free.