Web-Based Access To Dropbox Files Is Back For 99% Of Users, But Service Interruption Nears 48 Hours

Update: Dropbox says it has restored its core services for all users as of 4:40 PT, and it currently only has to work out a few kinks with the Dropbox photos tab. Plus, for those interested, there’s an extensive post-mortem of what exactly happened over at the Dropbox Tech Blog.

Many Dropbox users are still facing a partial outage that has been going on for nearly 48 hours at this point, and Dropbox is still scrambling to restore all services to everyone. The Dropbox site and service went down shortly after 6 PM PT on Friday, January 10, and continues to affect what Dropbox calls “a small number of users.”

Specifically, around 5 percent of users still can’t sync files from the desktop client, and 20 percent are having issues on mobile. A fix is rolling out soon to improve both those numbers, Dropbox says.

Early claims suggested the outage might be the work of hackers, but Dropbox categorically denied the involvement of any external organizations or individuals in the current problems, and the hackers who originally claimed responsibility have since recanted.

According to updates posted to its official tech blog, Dropbox technicians have been making gradual progress on restoring service to affected users, but it’s noting via its Dropbox Support Twitter account that “not everything is working for everybody.” It seems to be reintroducing features gradually, prioritizing basic access to all documents and adding the rest as time permits.

It’s not clear how far-reaching the current outage is, but Dropbox is still very actively responding to user requests for information and updates via its support Twitter.

Dropbox sent out an email to business users on Saturday night, reassuring them that files remain exactly where they left them, despite the lack of access. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when full service is restored.