Qardio Puts Its Smart Blood Pressure Monitor On Indiegogo, Aiming To Ship In March

Qardio was one of the startups competing in our battlefield competition at Disrupt Europe 2013, last October. On stage in Berlin it showed off a forthcoming consumer ECG monitor, the QardioCore, along with a wireless blood pressure monitoring device, QardioArm. The startup has now kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to help get the less expensive of the two, the QardioArm, to market — using the Indiegogo platform as its springboard.

Qardio’s devices are designed to undercut the high cost of current-gen medical kit, while also offering a simpler and more passive way for people to monitor their health that leverages the power of smartphones/tablets — with data from Qardio’s hardware streamed or synced to the user’s mobile device where it can be tracked and reviewed.

Qardio is looking for $100,000 in crowdfunding via Indiegogo to help it get the smart blood pressure monitor to market. It previously said it expects this device to retail for $99 but is offering it to early backers for $75.

This campaign is a flexible funding one, meaning Qardio does not need to meet that target in order to get the pledged funds. Indeed, it largely looks to be using Indiegogo to boost visibility — i.e., mostly as an additional marketing channel — and to get feedback and ideas to help further development, rather than because it needs the cash for manufacturing.

The QardioArm syncs blood pressure readings to Qardio’s secure cloud, where data can then be shared with others, such as your doctor. Users can also view their blood pressure data in Qardio’s companion iOS app.


As to when the QardioArm will be in the hands of users, the startup says it’s currently awaiting “final clearance” from the US Food and Drug Administration (for shipping to the US) and certification under EU Product Directives (for Europe).

It’s currently expecting to get clearance in time to ship the QardioArm to backers in March 2014 — which fits with its previously discussed timetable. At Disrupt Berlin, Qardio said it was planning to retail both the QardioCore and QardioArm online and through brick-and-mortar partnerships early this year.

At the time of writing, a few days into its Indiegogo campaign and with 27 days left to run, Qardio has raised more than $30,500.