3D Systems Launches The ChefJet, A Sugar Printer For Cooks

Sugar printing has always been difficult. Cooks were able to create sugar-based sculptures by hacking standard plastic printers but, in the end, the results have been, shall we say, less than sweet. Thankfully 3D Systems just launched the ChefJet line of 3D printers that can squirt out monochrome and full-color sugar sculptures.

The monochrome new printer will be in the sub-$5,000 range and be available later in 2014. There will be two models, the ChefJet 3D and the ChefJet Pro 3D. The Pro model is a full-color printer with a build volume 10x14x8 inches.

The standard model has a build volume of 8x8x6 inches.

The printers include a digital cookbook for so chefs can print crazy sugar objects without a degree in CAD/CAM modeling. 3D Systems recently purchased 3D sugar printing company Sugar Labs in August.