The Polaroid Socialmatic Is An Android Camera And An Instant Printer Mashed Together

The good old Polaroid brand isn’t dead yet — with the Polaroid Socialmatic, the concept has now become a product. It has a camera with a 14-megapixel camera, a 4.5” touchscreen LCD display that runs Android, a Zero Ink printer, and wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities. At $299, it will be a tough sell for those who already have a smartphone in their pockets.

The two main features that differentiate the camera from a smartphone are the printing and sharing aspects. After taking a picture with the back camera or the 2-megapixel front camera, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using the built-in software on a Wi-Fi network. At the same time, you can print a 2×3 little photo.

In a corner of your printed photo, there is a QR code so that other Socialmatic users can scan it, get the digital version from Polaroid’s servers, and reprint it. While it’s a good idea, a QR code doesn’t look good on your photo.

As the camera runs Android, many users will install Instagram right away. The Socialmatic will become a dedicated Instagram camera. That’s why the QR code integration feels weird.

On this camera, you will also find 4GB of internal storage and a Micro SD slot. If you want to share photos on the go, you will have two options: you can either send your photos to your phone, or tether your phone.

PLR IP Holdings, C&A Licensing, Socialmatic and ZINK Imaging are the four companies behind the Instagram Socialmatic. This is what remains from Polaroid Corporation. The companies count on the popular Polaroid name and the iconic look to sell this new camera — but will it be enough?