CubeSensors Brings Health And Comfort Monitoring To The Whole Home

In the future, your home will know you just as well as your smartphone does. The era of the connected smart home is upon us, and that all starts with sensors.

CubeSensors, a competitor in our CES 2014 Hardware Battlefield, is looking to help you track the health and comfort levels in your home the same way wearable fitness trackers like the Fitbit Force and Nike Fuelband measure your health.

Simply place CubeSensors throughout your home, one in each room, and get a read on various factors that affect your health and well-being. Specifically, CubeSensors are equipped with seven different sensors measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, noise, light, weather pressure, and accelerometer.

A CubeSensor can tell you when the temperature in your home is off, costing you money, or alert you that your office is too dark to be working without a light on as the sun starts to go down.

Plus, it tells you about indoor pollution, ensuring that the air you breathe in your home is fresh and clean.

The idea behind the project comes from consumers growing increasingly interested in data about their own lives, especially where health and fitness are concerned. Yet there’s no all-encompassing product that monitors the health level of your own environment.

Knowing that people often care a great deal about the aesthetics of the home, CubeSensors was designed to be discreet and attractive, with the option to be wirelessly connected (and charged periodically) or plugged in.

When you shake one, the CubeSensor emits a colorful glow that lets you know whether or not there is any adjustment that can be made to make that room more comfortable, relayed to the user via the app.

CubeSensors come in small, medium and large packs, with two, four, or six sensors respectively and a base station. They range from $300 to $600 with the option to add more cubes or base stations at a later date.