Speedy Translation Service OneHourTranslation Raises $10 Million Series A

الترجمة من الصعب. La traducción es importante. Getting something translated quickly is easy (but results in a poor quality translation) and getting it translated well takes time. That’s where OneHourTranslation comes in. They’ve created a crowdsourced-style system to translate documents quickly and easily. This is also why they just raised $10 million in Series A from Fortissimo capital. The company will use the money to continue international growth.

The company, which offers speedy translation and promises a turn around of an hour per page, has 50 employees around the world and will double their staff and support personnel.

Fortissimo Capital “acquired one third” of the company, according to co-founder Lior Libman.

The Tel Aviv-based company has processed 2.5 million projects to date and they use a crowdsourced model to transmit projects to a pool of 15,000 active translators who then do the work and turn it back over to the client.

“We’re proud that over half of the company’s employees are women,” said Libman. “We definitely intend to continue this trend.”

The founders, Libman, Ofer Shoshan, Oren Yagev, and Yaron Kaufman created the project after finding they wanted to instantly translate their financial blog.

“We started a project that turned into OneHourTranslation to provide such a service,” said Libman. Ganska bra.