Shopify Revamps Its iOS App With A Focus On Payments And Store Management

Ottawa-based ecommerce player Shopify introduced a totally redesigned version of its iOS mobile app today, with a new core concept that focuses on helping merchants do more to manage and run their stores from their devices. And in keeping with their new strategy post-gigantic raise, the company is looking to help both online and offline retailers in one package with the new app.

The new app comes with payment powers, so that you can use Shopify’s free, Square-like reader to collect funds from customers and complete sales in person. It’s restricted to U.S. merchants only for now, but the company says more regions will gain access to the device later on. Along with that, there’s also total store management for online Shopify clients, and management of Shopify POS, too, for customers who are also using their brick-and-mortar sales solution.

credit-card-readerNew for online merchants are notifications of each new order as they come in, as well as the ability to dispatch shipping notifications, and total control over inventory management so that you can snap product photos with your iPhone, delete old ones and more. The Shopify POS companion features let you make changes to your inventory and pricing, too, and with the help of the card reader, it doubles as another register in addition to the existing iPad-based software.

Shopify obviously isn’t resting on its laurels after its big raise and valuation of $1 billion, both announced at the end of 2013. This is its first product launch of 2014, but it definitely won’t be the last, the company says.