Microsoft Was Right To Worry That Government Snooping Constituted An ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’

New NSA revelations out this weekend detailed precisely how the NSA's methods lean on malware and employ cyber attacks in their "snooping," to use Microsoft's term. Thus, the NSA's surveillance effort

Medallia’s Amy Pressman And Sequoia’s Doug Leone On Bootstrapping And Vetting Investors

In this three-part series, we hosted Medallia, an enterprise company that offers customer experience management software, and Sequoia partner and board members Doug Leone in the studio. Co-founder and

Paul Graham Responds To Critics, Says Y Combinator Is Planning An Event For Female Founders

Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham just published <a target="_blank" href="">a blog post</a> about what he did and didn't say during <a target="_blank" href="https://ww

Twitter’s Recent Market Correction Doesn’t Mean Its Sky Is Falling

Twitter has had a rough few days in the markets, slipping from north of $74 to just over $60 at the end of trading today. That's not even half the story, however: Twitter's December is one for the r

Netflix Says It’s Testing New $6.99 Single Screen Streaming Plan, But It May Never Roll Out To Everyone

Netflix has informed TechCrunch that it is indeed testing a $6.99 single-stream plan to new users as part of a test. The option appears to some new users after selecting the streaming option as a free

73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks, Pinterest Passes Twitter In Popularity, Facebook Stays On Top

Facebook may be currently <a target="_blank" href="">facing question marks</a> over how well it's fari

The FitBit App Now Turns The iPhone 5s Into A FitBit

Fitbit has just released a major update to its iOS app for iPhone 5s, allowing the smartphone itself to track steps, distance and burned calories. These are basic features, and just a fraction of the

Divining The Underlying Value Of Bitcoin

Business Insider’s Joe Wiesenthal today published an interesting piece on Bitcoin, partially responding to Paul Krugman’s somewhat inscrutable recent blog post that called the cryptocurren

FAA Selects 6 Sites For Civilian Drone Testing

There are already quite a few drones in use in U.S. airspace, but given that commercial drone usage remains off-limits, most of them are either operated by government agencies or for research purposes

Keen On… The 2013 Debacle: Why Gavin Newsom Says The Government Is On A Collision Course With The Future

It may be the holiday season, but <a target="_blank" href="">Gavin Newsom</a>, California's tech savvy Lieutenant Governor, is as mad as hell. And he's not

Microsoft’s Surface 2 Shortage Persists, Will Likely Stretch Into The New Year

In mid-December, Microsoft’s Surface 2 inventory became extremely tight. Now in the post-Christmas period of the month as we move into 2014, Surface 2 inventory continues to be heavily constrain

Archos To Launch A Line Of “Pebble-Like” Smartwatches For iOS And Android At CES

Archos just dropped a huge smattering of CES news in advance of the huge annual tech show, which kicks off next week in Las Vegas. Among the various announcements, tucked away near the bottom, is the

U.S. Senator Issues Letter To Top 5 Wireless Carriers Urging Kill Switch Adoption

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota has today taken up the battle cry of numerous legislators before her, calling for wireless carriers to enable new anti-theft technology on handsets. Accordin

Yahoo Ends 2013 With No Apps In Apple’s Top 100

Yahoo put a lot of effort and investment toward presenting a new Yahoo to the world in 2013, with much of it hinged on improving its mobile business. But even as it has managed to <a target="_blank"

Flurry Finds Christmas App Download Spike Continues, But Lessens As People Get Used To Smartphones

Mobile analytics and ad platform Flurry has released its annual report on the state of app downloads over Christmas for 2013, and as is usually the case, consumers clearly went crazy for apps this yea

The Twitter NYSE Honeymoon Is Over As Stock Price Takes Another Nosedive

Today at market opening, Twitter shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NYSE:TWTR</a>) dropped once again. Shares were at $60.27, down 5.46 percent compared

Amazon’s Rough Christmas

Amazon may have had one of its <a target="_blank" href="

Meet Egg, A Smart Cat Toy That’s A Real Companion For Your Kitten

Keeping cats interested in any one toy for any length of time can be difficult, at least in my experience. Plus, most of them require a lot of manual input on the owner's part. The Egg is a Kickstarte

Web App Searchlet Lets You Perform Multiple Searches Without Opening A Gazillion Tabs

At any given moment during my working day, I have browser tabs open for my email account, Feedly, TechCrunch, WordPress, Convo, Twitter, Google Calendar, Reddit, Pinterest and Facebook. That's in addi

New Report Shows That Most Of China’s Gamers Are Still Playing On PCs, Not Mobile

A new report from China's GPC (link via Google Translate), an industry group for game publishers, shows that China's video game industry is now worth 83.17 billion RMB (or $13 billion), a 40% increase
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