Fly Or Die: Singtrix


Singtrix is the personal karaoke machine of the future.

Instead of being limited by karaoke-friendly, vocal-free tunes, Singtrix lets you erase the vocal track from any song in your phone or tablet, effectively expanding your library from a few songs to anything you can download.

And that’s not the best part.

Singtrix uses special audio technology to filter your voice with a number of different special effects. You can sound like you’re singing in a choir or drop your voice down to match Barry White’s.

When you hit the “hit” button, Singtrix automatically harmonizes your voice with four copies of your voice, making you sound a lot like a rock god.

We had a total blast playing around with this thing, which is a really great option for the kid who doesn’t want an Xbox or is too young for an iPhone.

Two flies.