Apple’s New Mac Pro In Pictures: Beauty And The Beast

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Apple has a brand new Mac Pro with an all-new, bold design that’s assembled at home in the U.S. in a facility in Texas. It’s easily among the most bold and unique designs of a Mac in recent memory, bringing to mind equally mould-busting creations like the G4 Cube and the original ‘flowerpot’ iMac. It’s also got a distinctly Darth Vader vibe, and with its unique removable outer casing, that impression comes across even stronger.

  1. Mac Pro

    The high-gloss surface makes it impossible to photograph without an unintended selfie.
  2. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro, top exhaust port visible, case intact.
  3. Mac Pro

    Like looking into a jet engine turbine.
  4. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro ports, case intact.
  5. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro with lid removed.
  6. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro with lid removed.
  7. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro ports, lid removed.
  8. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro with case.
  9. Mac Pro

    Circuit board detail, Mac Pro with lid removed.
  10. Mac Pro

    Circuit board detail, Mac Pro with lid removed. One of the two standard workstation GPUs.
  11. Mac Pro

    Circuit board detail, Mac Pro with lid removed. Flash memory unit on the right, both GPUs underneath.
  12. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro ports light up when you turn the computer.
  13. Mac Pro

    Mac Pro ports, rear.
  14. Mac Pro

    The vents on the top of the Mac Pro, only visible without the lid.
  15. Mac Pro

    Wide angle shot of the Mac Pro with keyboard and monitor.

We still have to take the new Mac Pro through more testing before we can deliver our full review, but first impressions are that this thing absolutely leaves any other current Macs in the dust in terms of loading, rendering and processing speed. It’s also extremely quiet, and actually produces a small amount of updraft from that exhaust port in the top, which is funneling air from its ‘unified thermal core.’

It’s a futuristic machine with futuristic good looks, and while I wouldn’t advise using it in the conditions pictured above, the currently frozen wastes of Toronto make an excellent backdrop for this demon machine. Stay tuned for our full review and more thoughts about Apple’s first new Pro desktop computer in many years.