Nextdoor Talks Growth, Now Being Used In One In Six Neighborhoods In The US

Nextdoor, the fast-growing startup that has been compared to a Facebook for your neighborhood, has revealed some new numbers today in a TCTV interview with co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia and Greylock partner and Nextdoor investor Josh Elman. As Tolia tells us, Nextdoor just launched its 25,000th neighborhood (up from 22,500 neighborhoods in October, and 6,000 neighborhoods a year ago.) He also said that the network is now being used in one in six neighborhoods.

In the video above, Tolia and Elman talked about how they have worked together on growth ‘hacks’ for the network. Prior to Greylock, Elman helped Twitter grow its active user base nearly tenfold, led the launch of Facebook Connect, led product management for Zazzle, and was also part of the early team at LinkedIn focused on growth and jobs. As Tolia tells us in the video above, Elman’s insight and experience in growing a network has been instrumental in the startup’s continued engagement from users.

On one project Elman and Tolia worked alongside the company’s designers and engineers to make the Nextdoor member experience in a neighborhood of ten members be different from in a neighborhood of 1,000 members. They’ve also worked through methodologies and frameworks around how to adapt a product once it starts to reach scale.

Check out the video above for more on Tolia’s ‘growth hacks,’ Elman’s advice for thinking about growth and more.